How To Make Jeans Smaller

How To Tailor Jeans

How To Make Jeans Smaller

How To Make Jeans Smaller

Tailoring your jeans to fit your legs is one of the easiest tailoring jobs you can do with the most dramatic results. Just about any jeans can benefit from tailoring them this way.

The secret is to use jeans that fit great in the waist and the seat. I have narrow hips and I've even been able to use this method to reduce the hips a bit, as well as the legs.


All you really need is pins, a friend to do the pinning, a sewing machine and some scissors using this easy method to make your jeans smaller by Leslie Voodoo.


If you have a pair of jeans that you love how they fit, you can use them as a template to tailor your jeans using the method in this video by StyledByChris:



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