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Taverniti So Women's Jeans

Taverniti So Women's Jeans

Taverniti So Jeans is a perfect combination of sexy sophisticated Italian fits with the worn out used look of American Vintage. Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Mena Suvari, Katie Holmes, Terri Hatcher and Paris Hilton are some of the stars already wearing Taverniti! Also see a selection of Men's Taverniti So Jeans.


Women's Taverniti So Jeans

Taverniti So Kylie Capri Womens Jeans

Taverniti So Kylie Capri Womens Jeans


5 Pocket, Zip Fly, Capri Jeans Some Distress As Per Designer, Washing Info - Machine Wash. [Read more]

Store: (dba Shopping)

Brand: Taverniti So

Custom Made Jeans - starting at $49.00


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