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Apple Bottom Jeans

Exclusively designed for females with amazing curves, hip hop icon Nelly has created and perfected his collection of clothing and accessories called Apple Bottoms. Bringing to the table years of experience with the physique of a woman, Nelly has cornered the female market with his vision for fashion and style. With a keen eye for the industry, Nelly continues to expand his collection of jumpsuits, denim, dresses and accessories with the hottest hip hop trends of each season. 

For help finding your correct size please see the Apple Bottoms Jeans Size Chart. Also see a great selection of Plus-Size Apple Bottom Jeans Shopping.

Apple Bottoms Purses - Handbags - Satchels - Totes and More!

The Official Apple Bottoms Facebook PageApple Bottoms Facebook Page
Official Apple Bottoms Twitter PageApple Bottoms Twitter Page
The Official Apple Bottoms ChannelApple Bottoms YouTube Channel

Apple Bottom Jeans



Custom Made Jeans - starting at $54.00





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